Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Still Sick
We seem to have been sick in this house for a long while now. The kids brought home a virus that has been doing the rounds at school and as it does, it went round all three of mine. Then J and I got it and seem to have taken really bad with it. Last week it was all I could do to raise my head off the pillow and ended up at the doctors surgery on Thursday almost in tears as the pain was so bad. The doctor thought it was a virus but that I now also hada sinus infection and the nice man gave me some drugs. I was suffering with hot and cold sweats like none I have had before and also this strange dizzyness which I can only liken to being drunk without the fun alcohol consumption beforehand! I still feel pretty rough now to be honest with you, focusing on one thing for any portion of time is difficult.
The kids are on half term this week which is a shame because I really don't feel fit enought to take them out anywhere. I have a mini swap which is 80% together that needs a few last bits sorted but I can't seem to pull my finger out and get it done. In fact I think I shall sign off now my eyes are starting to blur just looking at the screen. A few photos from before the bug which still need to be uploaded to etsy. Hope everyone else is not been struck down with this yucky virus season. Helen
Lined Robot Drawstring bag

Heart Bunting

Heart Cushion in denim and cotton