Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Wooden Angels

This is one of my wooden angels that I create for the wall. They come with all sorts of different wings, tin straight or curvy, gilded in bronze, silver or gold, paint effect to look like tin. You can have them in almost any colour you wish. I make them with wire hair with beads or sequins in, tin star or heart halos, tin twig hair or natural twigs. If you want a slightly flirty one you can have an ankle bracelet! The decoration on the angel can vary as they are all tin decs (which I buy from the US). I have painted some in two colours to create a contrast so the weight of colour and added embellishments sits at the bottom. One lady had me adapt the design to create a mermaid and another a fairy godmother for a little ones christening! Each angel is stamped with a number, my name and comes with a tag to explain the care and its originality.

1 comment:

Kim Carney said...

i love the little detail on the wing ;)