Monday, March 24, 2008

A busy month for the tooth fairy ...........
It looks like it could be a busy month for the tooth fairy in this house. Euan came home from school on Thursday and started to wobble his tooth. Within a few minutes he said he could bend it backwards, look Mum I can turn it around, ah Mum it has come out! His other front tooth is also wobbly, going to have to scrapbook this I think. Ellie sat at dinner that night and was complaining about having a sore tooth, she had bumped it the other day so I just nodded and said not to worry it would just take a bit of time to heal. Dinner continues and so does Ellies moaning. I asked J to have a look to see if he could see anything and bless her both her second set of large front teeth have already broken through the gums behind her baby teeth which still haven't dropped out. Ouch my poor baby I felt so bad. The baby ones are wobbly so I am not sure what to do? I think a phone call to the dentist to sort this one out. Molly, Ellie and Maddie modelling their hand made easter bonnets.
On Saturday we had an easter egg hunt at the house for some friends and their children. Well 21 children to be correct! We were slightly worried in the morning when it started to snow like crazy that we would have an interesting time finding eggs in the snow drifts. Friday was spent baking, much to Ellie's enjoyment (she really just likes licking the bowl I think). We made crispy cakes, mars bar cakes, caramel shortbread, cupcakes, chocolate triangles and pecan cups.
The annual easter tree was erected and decorations hung. Every year I swear I am going to get a proper tree I can bring out instead of searching the hedgerows for suitable branches.
Easter Sunday we awoke to find the easter bunny had paid us a visit much to the childrens excitement. Messy bunny mind you I had to get the hoover out after the kids had been down, his footprints had gone everywhere! Sunday was spent in slobby bliss. I didn't get out of my Pj's until noon as I was finishing off the book "The Kite Runner" which I thought was excellent, I definitely want to see the film now. The afternoon was spent painting up some christmas ornament prototypes which turned out really rather well. All in all a great day.

Today we had a lazy morning and then popped over to my parents for the afternoon and dinner. The kids had a blast trying to fly planes in the garden and then enjoying home made plum crumble YUM for dessert.

Freaky weather, that is not snow it is hail stones which have accumalated in just a few seconds.

more cushion sewing using the Bridgewater tea towels. Two cushions this time, front
and back and
a little heart with the spare fabric.

Well that sums up my time since Thursday, I hope you all had a lovely easter, we certainly did.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Star Cushion Frenzy
I seem to definitely be in a red, white and blue phase at the moment. A few star cushions I made last week but hadn't got around to up loading. The two square cushions are 16 inches and the middle one is 40x60cm
Red Star Cushion
I am loving my new bias tape maker I cannot believe how much easier it is to make the tape without all the burnt fingers now!
back of Red Star cushion
long cushion with patchwork sides and the white star is stitched with red.

back detail

Blue Star cushion with patchwork background
Blue Star back.

This bunting is for a friend who is like me "a bridgewater pottery freak" well not freak but definitely an avid collector. Hilary wanted some bunting but since you cannot get bridgewater fabric YET (are you listening people you are missing a sales opportunity!) I used some tea towels to create my own.

Right show and tell over for tonight. Not much else to report except I did see the most beautiful barn owl hunting in the field opposite tonight. A neighbour mentioned she had seen him last week during the day and I had hoped he lives around here and will stay. I think I will need to pay more attention in the early morning and early evening. The kids were fascinated.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

This last month has seen me have a bit of a mid life crisis of sorts. I have never really had a burning ambition in life that many do, I have loved travel, art and knew I always wanted a family but other than that didn't really know what I "wanted to be". With Maddie now at school full time I have had a bit but not much! more time to myself. I have started to ask myself what I want out of life and what I will be remembered for when I am gone. Hmmmmm not much at this point other than a wife and mother. I don't mean to put down these roles as I know they are important and worthy in their own right but I just feel that I need to find me Helen Shields and what I want.

I have been seriously considering going back and taking my teaching degree as I really enjoying the role I have at school of teaching the children sewing, I enjoyed my time in Scotland when I went into the nursery with Jill and taught art once a week. I looked into courses but couldn't decide between the general age ranch of 5-11 year olds which would make me a jack of all trades as such and the specific job of art teacher at secondary level. Because John is not here much during the week and with his iminent move to Staff College in September I would be taking on the role of mother, student, housekeeper, gardener and general dogs body all by myself. My greatest fear was that I would have to put the kids into care morning and night just so I could attend college. Euan has just started to settle down and maybe make a move towards flourishing and I am petrified that he would take a backwards step if the main "rock" as it were was to be moved slightly. The girls I think would adapt better to the change but I don't know how I would, would I become to tired and thus cranky about the general things in my kids lifes, I know it would only be for a year of two until I qualified but then what, would I take full time teaching or a part time and where. Am I looking for issues where there are none? I have saught advise from all sorts of friends and the advise has come back so varied. Some say my children are still so young I should just take a breather and enjoy life with them before it is all gone, others shout at me that I should do something for myself before it is too late. Many say that my talent lies in what I create and I shouldn't give that up, my response unfortunately is that it doesn't pay the bills! I do enjoy sewing and creating but I don't seem able to sit down and perform it like I should with a job. I so desperately want an answer to all of this but just seem to get deeper and deeper into confusion. I can feel tears welling up as I type this which is silly really . The main comfort I take is that I am not alone, through some of the wonderful ladies in blog land I have found out that I am not alone, I think it takes an arty mind to be this confused ;) and so frustrated with my direction. So bare with me as I navigate this current chapter in my life and hopefully you should have some better crafting viewing in the up coming weeks. I have been creating just not photographing and sharing. Hilary my love don't worry I am still plodding on with your request and you will see my labours soon.

Sorry to be so miserable but thank you for reading!

Take a look at my boy go!

So proud of my little boy - will he play for England to his Grandfathers pride or for Scotland to his Father's Pride? Rugby has brought his such confidence and although bias Ithink he is really rather good and quick at it

Sunday, March 16, 2008

CD Mukoksy Class with Chepstow Pink ScrappersThe week before last I went over the bridge again to Chepstow to take a class with CD Mukosky courtesy of Chepstow Pink Scrappers. Lousie, Pam and all the comittee are great at organising high profile people in the Scrap book industry to come and teach at Chepstow. We completed an album titled Angels. You had to take along 10 pictures of people that you consider to be angels in you life and some journaling to add. I haven't taken pictures of mine yet even thought I did manage to finish it the following day, miracle of miracles for me! I need J to bring home his laptop so I can download from my camera.
It was a brilliant evening as usual with all the familiar faces who are always so friendly.

Mini Swap Goodness

Last month we signed up to a Mini Swap through Mommy Coddle's blog and we were partnered with The Severson Family, Stephanie, Quinn, Claire, Tatum and their dog sam. My children were so excited about swapping with a family in the States. The parcel arrived and I was cruel to the girls because I made them wait until Euan cvame back from numeracy group so they could all open the parcel together.
We scored some fabulous goodies with knifty knitting looms, littlest pet shop, star wars, sweets and some fab books. I got some great american magazines and fabric.
Ellie's favourite with the Webkinz unicorn which hasn't been out of her grasped since it arrived (much to Maddie's annoyance she wants a go). I haven't seen these before, they have a code which you input in the computer and you can play games online with them.

Our package went out a little late due to my ill health and then the post office wanting to charge stupid amounts for one large box, apparently if I packaged it in four it would go a lot cheaper, which I did and saved myself £16. Must make sense to someone!
I forgot to take photos of what we put in the bags oops! Each of the children drew me a picture which I scanned and copied onto fabric paper and then made up a drawstring bag. Quinn had a dragon, with a book, sweets, lego kit and a welsh flag which is in the post seperately.
A hamster drawing by Maddie with a book, sweets, pen, magazine, littlest pet shop and hand made hamster.
Ellie drew a pony and this bag contained a book, magazine,pen, sweets, littlest pet shop and a handmade mouse and bed.

It was a lovely thing to take part in and I think next time I might put more emphasis on getting the kids to make some things.