Sunday, October 22, 2006

Okay it has been 7 months now since we have put the house on the market, fate possibly has kept me here while John has been away in the Falklands. I'll be honest it has suited me not to have moved yet. I have a good set of friends who are there when things get to bad and my inlaws have been coming up once a week to give me a hand and a break. I have even managed to let them help me with things (don't faint) yes I am learning to ask for help and take it! Finally got around to taking some fresh pictures of the house yesterday, up a ladder to get the height and have sent them off to the estate agent with a note to drop the house price by £5,000. We will see if it makes a difference. I hope so because I am sick of trying to clean the house to show, I have wasted so much time this summer cleaning and clearing the garden, shouting at kids to not mess it up again before the viewing. Poor little devils don't understand what is going on either.
I can't believe that we are almost at the end of this 19 week stretch, I can't wait to get J home, the poor man is going to be hugged to death by the family when he gets off that plane and probably for the next week! Euan has been writing a list of things he wants to do with Daddy when he gets back, I think he is up to number 30! Ellie has plans for baking cinnamon rolls and sunflower seed rolls and Maddie I think she is still to young to understand. Me I just want some crafting time and a break from the day to day stuff like cooking and cleaning.

Talking of crafting I have finally got around to making a few things. I have a sale scheduled for the 15th of November at a friends house. I figured I had better set a date or I would never get around to doing anything this christmas. The house sale and J being away has really drained me more than I thought it would. Work in progress below (excuse the quality of the photo) has now been finised. 26 penguins inspired by the Falkland visit were completed, 15 sold already argh maybe I wont have stock. I have since made 15 camels (2 gone), 18 tissue holders (2 gone) and 20 christmas puddings. I have some wooden and fabric robins in the pipeline, around 10 peghooks half completed and a few bird index boxes constructed but not painted. Poor old J back into the fire when he gets home.

Well I had better go and get out of my pj's since it is 11am and we are heading over to Auntie Helen's and Uncle Chris's this afternoon for a trip to Anstruther harbour and a fish and chip treat for dinner. Oh how I love not having to cook! I also need to prepare the art projects I am doing with Maddie's nursery this week as I am in two days this week instead of the usual one. We are making pumpkin paper plate masks and halloween ghost footprint cards (Messy but fun!). I will post some pictures of the completed works when I get chance (um could be a while my to do list is so long!).

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