Monday, June 04, 2007

Fine Weather for a walk on the Beach
My Miss Ellie looking pretty in her new dress looking for white shells to put in our jar.
My Mad Euan doing star jumps after he has scored his name in the sand.
and finally my Miss Maddie enjoying the feeling of sand between her toes and somewhere else!
We had a lovely time just wondering up St Andrews beach looking for shells and making patterns in the sand. It always amazes me how something that is free can entertain the children and bring peace to the adults so easily.
While I remember, Sarah Stringer I hope that the trip out to the States wasn't to painful and that you are now enjoying yourself in all that sun. We are not green or bitter it is just the colour of the rain clouds we have here! We miss you and shall be in touch soon. Love to all.
Chris and Helen Ash a big thank you for putting up with our family during our time at Leuchars and looking after us so well. We hope that you are not to traumatised by the whole affair. Chris we hope that you are feeling better now and on the road to recovery. We will see you at the 90th Reunion at the end of the month.
Wendy Fraser congratulations on your graduation earlier in the month what a clever lassie.It was lovely to catch up over a cup of coffee last week. We hope that you enjoyed your time down in London and Legoland. Anyone who has not been and has little children I recommend you go. We went last month for Euan's birthday and it was fab.
Leslie, I have a few new books I shall try and send your way very soon, I have been reading like a maniac with all these car journeys we have been making.

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