Monday, July 23, 2007


Lucky Escape

We had a lucky escape on Friday of last week when heavy rain and flood waters caused chaos and damage throughout our village. My neighbour Linda wasn't as fortunate as she had water start to creep under her floor and along the grout lines of her limestone flooring. Many in the village had oil, raw sewage and dirty flood water in their homes which must be horrendous for them. At either end of the village the water was waist high in places completely covering bench seats and walls.

Flora, Linda's dog is seen here in her front garden which thankfully didn't get any deeper. With heavy rains still forecast I think everyone is on tenterhooks. John and my Dad took 7 hour to get home which would usually take them 2! but I am thankful they arrived safe and sound. Dad stayed the night here and we had to laugh in the morning because Euan complained of Grandad's snoring and Grandad complained of Euan talking in his sleep! The girls thought it was wonderful to wake up and find Grandad eating breakfast with them.

The rest of Saturday was pretty much a right off. I have been so tired this week that I took the opportunity with John being home and went back to bed for a massive three hours!! I felt so much better for it and could actually start to function.

Sunday was spent cleaning the house and getting the last of the pictures up on the wall. John is happy as his plane pictures are finally located at the top of the stairs. We finally have new neighbours who are absolutely adorable. Guy and Rachel welcome to Crudwell and we hope you settle in and have a happy home here. I had to laugh as Rachel has two horses (huge smiles from Mummy and the girls at this comment :) !!!!) so she has been trying to persuade John about how wonderful it would be for them to have their own! Meanwhile I am trying to persuade Guy that Rachel really does need to have two colour co-ordinated Christmas trees in the house this year with all the swags and trimmings that go with it. I think we could make a good team.

Sunday night was spent creating my July layout for my Big Picture class. Lots of mess was made but I am happy with the results.

June Layout completed some time ago but just not posted.

Well I had better go and sort the ever growing laundry pile out so that my kitchen doesn't look like a Chinese laundry when my sister in law Sharon and her children arrive this afternoon.

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