Sunday, July 15, 2007

House Pictures especially for Hilary, Sarah and Margaret!

After much time wasting I have finally got around to taking pictures of some of the rooms in my house. You will have to excuse the order of the photos, blogger didn't seem to want to play when it came to uploading them in my chosen order! Above is a shelf I have built for Maddie's room, I still want to make lots of nice bits and pieces to put on it but I am sure they will come in time. The shelf itself is quite big, it is probably about a metre plus wide.

My living room fireplace and stove. The wall colour is sea urchin from Dulux and I am still not sure whether I should have stuck with a cream or minky colour on the walls but I am not changing it now!

The view as you come into the living room, my first set of interlined curtains and boy were there swear words making these. The actual curtain fabric is a really floppy cotton weave that moves about quite a bit so trying to get three layers together to look neat when sewn together was a challenge. What you can't spot is the big mark on the laminate in the middle of the floor that I made while trying to make said curtains when I dropped my large sewing scissors from a height! More swear words might have been said!!

My freshly painted downstairs loo. It is actually Tarragon Glory by Dulux but I had to take these pictures without a flash as it changed the colour so much. More pictures and details below for the loo.

My number one son's room. He had a plane theme in his room and we decided to paint a huge target on his wall. The curtains are actually a duvet which I cut up because I couldn't find material to match his duvet.
The paint on the walls is from the Little Greene Company which I can thoroughly recommend it was a dream to work with. I think this is the neatest that the book shelf has looked.
This is two magnetic boards and the one in the middle I am going to put corkboard onto once I can find a piece large enough without having to patch it.
Miss Maddie's bedroom and a wardrobe that just about killed me trying to get up the stairs. We still need to wax the cupboard as well but it is somewhere down the bottom of said list!
Pottery Barn quilt which I bought for Ellie's first bedroom but still love. Maddie is still in her cot bed at the moment which is great because this is the smallest of the four bedrooms.

Ah the downstairs loo again and that colour. It has definitely grown on me and John doesn't mind it now. When I first painted up a sample J said it looked like puke and no I couldn't use that colour. Me I did the usual and just waited till he was away a few days and got on with it as I knew once it was done he would come round! I still need to sew a curtain to fit across the space under the stairs which you cannot see in this picture. We have a very ugly boiler and pipe system there, plus hoovers and mops et cetera which I would like to cover up. I cannot decide whether to sew any buttons on the scallop joins, at the moment the buttons are just pinned on.
The wall behind the door holds my angel and towel rail. I want to get a few other bits and pieces here to liven up the red and white colour mix.
My kitchen from the door looking towards the front. Sorry the picture was taken at night as it is the only time I get peace! I am still waiting for the builder to come back and put the kick boards on to finish this area. The walls are painted in Dulux's Mystic Mauve which has given the kitchen a really calm, warm feeling. I was worried that it would cool the kitchen down and draw it in but it has done the opposite.
The bottom end of the kitchen looking towards the patio doors, with my £60 welsh dresser (thank you Eileen I love you) and my £10 cupboards (in the corner) which has become the kiddies art cupboard after a lick of paint.

a close up of my kitchen window. I used some Cath Kidston fabric which although is mostly pink it also has a bit of blue which matches the wall colour perfectly. We are not overlooked from the front so I decided to go for a half curtain for a change rather than a roman blind or a full curtain and I am please with the result.

So there you have it. I still need to take pictures of Ellie's room, my workroom and our bedroom but I have yet to finish these rooms off. Ellie's room is almost done but I do have lots of ideas for bits and pieces to make it original. Well I had better hit the sack the kiddies are back to school tomorrow. We have John's parents staying with us this week so I will need to be up for breakfast duty extra early. Goodnight to all.

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