Thursday, August 09, 2007

Hello there again sorry for yet another long blogging break! Been a busy week this week. Hilary you will be glad to know that the about package is going in the mail tomorrow! Completed pillowcases, oxford cushion, drawstring bag as requested and a further drawstring bag and rag heart as a sorry for the delay.
I had scraps left over from making the cushion cover and for some reason I couldn't throw them away. I decided to make a rag wreath of sorts shaped into my favourite form a heart. A friend had given me a little circular wreath similar in technique to this a few years ago and it suddenly came back to me. I had fun doing this and was quite pleased with the results so I hope Hilary is a well.

At the weekend the family took a trip to Slimbridge Wildfowl and Wetlands to partake in a bit of bird feeding. As you can see by Maddie's face above fun was had by all, there were moments were things weren't all hunkie dory but I decided not to show you the shot of Euan's crying sulk! If you are ever in the area I suggest going it is a great day out for the kids and it wears them out! I would recommend buying copious amounts of seed though as the kids went through a bag at a real rate of knots.

Tuesday morning was spent at Westonburt Arboretum which is simply gorgeous. We went with my friend Wendy and her little girl who is Maddie's best friend Molly. Flora the neighbours dog was with us for the day as well so Fergus got to take his friend to! We had superb weather and a stroll around the woods with a chance for the kids to run madly all over the place from marker to marker on the nature trail tuckered everyone out. An ice cream was in order of course at the end and a large bucket of water for the dogs. The afternoon was spent making the above fabric bits and pieces then an early night for all.
Speaking of fabric pieces I have been meaning to show you all these for a few weeks. For the end of term I made the children's teachers a tissue holder each in some gorgeous fabric I got from Superbuzzy and since I was going to be making a few I thought in for a penny in for a pound. Well 35 to be exact! So there you go I finally have some christmas stock started!!

I have a fascination for these little hedgehogs, I can see a felt one coming on at some stage.

Wednesday was spent at the Cotswold Water Park where the kids can have a paddle in the lake, sit on some diggers and play with the sand with the added bonus of a playpark. The kids had a fabulous time, me it was lovely but I couldn't go to often as the crowds began to freak me out! It was really hot though and although I completely covered the kids with suncream I managed to burn my own legs - Ouch!
Not sure abou the colour of the water either, yes I know stop stressing but with the floods of late I wasn't sure what was in the water.
Is it cold Ellie? "No Mummy" two minutes later the bottom lip was out and she was shivering from head to toe, ahhhh children you've got to love them! Once bonus of the day was I meet up with Katie after three years. I knew Katie when our little ones went to a music and movement class years ago. Katie has been a kind purchaser of my work in the past and it was lovely to catch up again. Hello Katie look forward to a coffee with you soon.
Today was spent with my Mum in part and the rest trying to purchase my Anniversay gift for John. 10 years this year, god knows how he has managed to stick me for that long! More on the gift story later.
RIght I am off to bed since I have caught up with a weeks work of blogging in one night. I have a new copy of Mary Engelbriet to peruse and a copy of Creating Keepsakes Mini Albums. What more could a girl for ? Night all

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