Thursday, August 23, 2007

Pond Dipping at the local stream was a definite hit with the kids. We only caught two sticklebacks and a bazillion shrimp but they were happy. Well that was until they banged heads trying to get a look at what was in the bucket!
My little cherubs outside the front of our house. The garden has come on a treat this year and I seem to be continually surprised by it. I didn't think I would get much "fat" or "height" this year but things have really taken well. Could be something to do with all the rain we have had mind!! I Will try to post some more pictures of the garden later but alot has now gone over.
Number two daughter hanging upside down in a not so dignified pose! she loves the climbing frame in fact anything that includes any slight bit of danger. She has fallen on her head several times from this pose! Now this week she has been in my bad books. On Monday I went to a friends house who has offered to have the children for me so I could go and do my walk since I haven't been out for over 6 weeks now. Against my better judgement I took her up on the offer. The kids and I, including Fergus headed over to her place and then I went on my merry way to remind myself how unfit I am. I should add before we left Fergus had a wail of a time watching Claire's rabbits (dog tv at its best). Got back and everybody was in the house. Left the dog in the garden checking the rabbits were safely in their run and had a chat with Claire. Checked from time to time to make sure that Fergus was not digging all ok. Ellie disappears outside to look at the rabbits, Claire reminds here not to lift the lid and I ask her to come and tell me if Fergus starts digging. We head up to Claire's little girls room which she in in the process of redecorating and was having a very nice chat when Ellie comes in crying and shouting that Fergus is chasing the rabbits around the garden - oh shit! I got down there to late, Fergus has killed one rabbit and apparently bitten the other on the head. What do you do or say? I immediately offered to replace the dead bunny but apparently they were sisters and you cannot put two unrelated rabbits together or they will fight. AHHH I was so angry and embarrassed I did not know what to say. Claire bless her sole was so lovely about it and didn't explode like I think I might have. I still feel horrendous about it but can't see what we else I can do. Hind sight is a wonderful thing! Anyway the next day Ellie headed off on a planned visit to my Mum's for a sleep over for two nights. She has started to learn how to ride her bike with the stabilizers off and didn't really want to come home to a grouchy Mum, personally I don't blame her. I can tell you that the dynamics with only two children was so different and so much easier than with three. We didn't have any bickering or fighting and I was so much calmer because of that. I picked Ellie up this afternoon and already we have had three hours of tears and fighting. Granted Ellie is tired as she went to dog training classes with my Dad last night but it seems that Ellie and Euan are unable to get along for more than half an hour without one of them looking at the other wrongly or something else totally catastrophic. Deep Joy my blood pressure is now back up again.

Euan has not escaped the wrath of Mum either. I looked out of the patio doors on Tuesday morning to see a huge hole in the drystone wall at the back of our garden. Not again ran through my head and I ask the usual question does anyone know who did it. Not me can the trio of answers. Right it turns out is was Euan again (this is the third time, the first two he got the wrath of Dad) but this time he has not only taken the stones out but chucked them into the neighbours garden GREAT! this would be the neighbours who have two rather nasty dogs and who I sense don't like me to much. Remind me again why did I have children?
We sort this episode out and I send them off to watch some tv to calm everyone down only to have Ellie coming in screaming that Euan has trapped her fingers in the living room patio door (which they are not allowed to open). Mum goes off the scale again and wishes she could be somewhere where the walls are padded and they cannot get to her.

As for Miss Maddie, what has she done, nothing too dramatic just the usual whinging and laziness about tidying up. Kids I love them loads but quite frankly I cannot wait till these holidays are over and they are all back at school. I usually enjoy the holidays and I have to say I was looking forward to these, now whether it is because J is away during the week and I don't get even that five minute bath break or I am just trying to do to much I am not sure. I need time for me and I haven't had it months but I still love them and am grateful for them I just wish someone would take them off my hands for a few days!!

Having said all that I have manged to get a bit of crafting done over the last week or so. I have made a new mirror for my downstairs loo, curtain to cover the ugly boiler, drawstring bag for the loo, a couple of heart button wreaths, several peg hooks for birthday presents, bunting for my Mum and a few odds and sods. I shall post some photos soon. Right off to make dinner and try to calm down!

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