Friday, September 28, 2007

Every had one of those days?
Have you one of those days were you should have done something important and you totally forgot? I had one today. I was meant to be looking after my neighbours dog, letting her out several times for wees. I totally and utterly forgot. I look after Flora regularly and have never ever forgotten her before - today total blank until Lynda turned up at my door with donuts to say thank you. Oh God total sick feeling, the dog she didn't even wee in the house, how bad do I feel!
Right onto better news while I try to calm my sick stomach.
Pear doorstop for my kitchen

A pear just because
Ellie's picture of Mummy and Daddy in love, doesn't that make your heart melt.

Maddie's picture of Mummy and Daddy holding hands

Seasonal goodness

New homemade bathroom mirror with finally curtain to cover the crappy boiler

drawstring bag for the downstairs loo
I need to replace the heart with my own creation

christmas stock starting to build up

a very messy desk!

Hall settle with the kids new shoe draws that are fab as they hold all their boots, shoes, bags and general niff naff. They are on wheels for easy access.

Fishy cushions made from old curtains.
Poppy cushion made from an old section of knitting by my Mum which was meant to be a cardi for me. I have had this for over 12 years and didn't want to throw it away but didn't know what to do with it.
Hand made kitchen shelf (with the help of my Dad). I had no where to put my cook books and now I do!!

Meet Basil the worker bee, he and his buddies are in the shop, go and have a look.
Beatrice the Queen bee with her flirty heart shaped eyes.

Spiral bottoms! Quick while they are in stock!

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