Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Okay I give up I am hopeless with this blogging :) hey ho. A few things I have been making lately. If I get time tomorrow I shall upload some of our holiday photos from this summer.
Butterfly bags as a commission for Suzanne. I had such fun making these bags, I am finding moving away from the heavy zigzag bordering is suiting me much better and I feel gives the piece a bit more life.A lavendar and purple bag for Oli
The names were hand embroidered to resemble the trail of a butterfly and i rather like how they turned out.
Detail of butterfly
Dinosaur bags

I finally got around to making some new cushions for our sofa. You know things are bad when even the husband says things are starting to look a bit tatty :) Still we have had the sofa since we got married. This is Fergus' favourite place to lay about. The old throw we had was not machine washable and looked disgusting. I have been trying in vain to keep this new one clean but Fergus is definitely not understand the concept of staying off!

I used up a lot of my spare fabric to make these. I had planned on making a quilt to go over the sofa but as usual time never allowed and I couldn't face the old throw any longer.

Last month Mum and I went on a wire sculpture course taught by Celia Smith. Her work is absolutely fabulous and we had commissioned her to make a NeeNee goose for Dad's sixteeth birthday. I will up load pictures once we have had a bright day to take them. I make a chicken in the end and he is rather funky with coloured telephone cables all over him. Mum made a cockeral which is out of more natural wire colours of copper and grey. It was lovely to get away for the weekend and not to hear "Mummy, Helen, can I, she said, he hit" but it went by so quickly.
I have a few prototypes in the making for some christmas decorations but, this year I am not going to be doing a show at home. We are off to Disneyland Paris before christmas and for once I wanted to just enjoy the season rather than run around filling orders. That being said I am still taking custom orders for a few things here and there.
Right off to go and start designing the christmas card for this year.

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