Monday, August 25, 2008

Little Creations
I thought I would post a few pictures of a little bag I made for Maddie way back in April to house her new little friend. Maddie has a large peg shelf which she uses to hang up her numerous bags and paraphernalia and I got so worried about the plastic being over her bed I decided to take action and make her some fabric bags so I could sleep at night. I really enjoyed making this bag even though it was my first attempt at squared off corners. I would love to make a few more in different sizes to add to her collection.
Below is the fish I referred to in my previous post. It is large and used for a pj bag. I made it back in April as a commission for my friend who wanted something to put in her son's bedroom to house his pj's. I have posted about Hilary's boy's rooms before and posted pictures on Flickr. I suppose I should make more of an effort to put my pictures up as and when I make things to hopefully prevent this from happening but I wrongly had worked on the theory the less I put up on the net the less likely I was to be copied!
all the fishes scales where made using fabric I had previously used in the blanket, drawstring bags and duvets in Corey's room.
Well it is oh dark hours here and I haven't been able to sleep as usual. We are off to my parents today, J is taking Euan up to Gloucester with Grandad to the Rugby open day. They went last year and had a blast so thought they would have another look see. Mum and I are probably going to play gardens with the girls. I spent all of Friday in my front garden and cut back my lavender. It has been beautiful again this year but all the rain and wind had caused it to flop all over the path, the postie plus several friends kept complaining they got soaked coming to my door when it was wet and then had to run the gauntlet of the bees when it was dry. It was a shame to cut it as the scent was fabulous. I also dug out a lot of geraniums as they were rather brutish a few bits had rotted off under the lavender and just getting rid of the dead delphinium, lupin and allium heads took all day and nine bin bags!
When we got back from Scotland I had a lovely note from a lady saying she admired my garden and would love to know who had designed it for me and would they be interested in doing hers. It was rather flattering but amusing since it is all my own work and I am definitely not a garden designer. I gave her a call and popped round for a coffee. She was a really lovely lady and had the most beautiful house and gardens but like all of us has such a busy life that the time was not there to create like she would want to. We chatted plants and I promised to let her know when I was going to plant my bulbs this year. She kindly offered for me to bring the children up to use her pool and tennis court, bless her she hasn't met my loud threesome yet!
I had been pleased with my spring garden this year but the summer just didn't quite come together for me, some of this was down to the yucky weather but mostly down to placement, so I think this winter will be spent hopefully planning out how I might change it around a bit. I was aiming for a big blousey garden that all meshed together which it did in places but not in others. i do need a bit more structure for the winter as well which sounds expensive if Mum and I visit the garden centre today - oops sorry John :0
Right I suppose I should attempt to get back to sleep otherwise I will be a crabby bear later today.
Night all Hx

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