Tuesday, January 23, 2007


Well I can hardly believe two months have gone by since I posted here but I haven't been idle. We are in the process of buying a new house in Wilthshire called Prunus Cottage and hope to be moved in on the 2nd of February, English Conveyancer willing (can you tell we have been having problems with an inept solicitor!!) We cannot wait to be back together again as a family, the last year has been somewhat trying to say the least for all involved particularly Euan.

We had a good but quiet Christmas and New Year with a few friends and family. Most of John's leave was spent clearing the house of excess stuff for the move. I think at last count we got rid of 41 bin bags to charity, tip and the local nursery!! We were slightly concerned we were going to be over the baggage allowance for the move but thankfully due to getting rid of all our old appliances in the garage (the new house has all built in) we managed to scrap under the limit. The new house is great but smaller than this and I think we are going to struggle with storage initially. The kids are all going to get their own bedrooms which will be great and they have already picked their colour schemes. Surprise surprise Maddie has chosen pink, Ellie purple and Euan blue!! Mum has yet to work out all the other colour schemes but she has got the fabric for the livingroom curtains. John is pleased with the new place as it has a wood burning stove so he is happy. It is in the village of Crudwell which has a lovely little primary school, riding stables (sorry John you know it is inevitable!) and three pubs. We have already checked out the Wheatshef and it has very nice food. So if you are in the area please stop by for a cup of tea, I cannot tell what state we will be in but a hand with unpacking, painting, turfing, fencing et cetera would not go amiss.

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