Tuesday, January 23, 2007

What will we miss?
Moments like these! and the beach - oh the beach, it has become one of our favourite Sunday past times to go to Broughty Ferry beach, collect peebles, take photos (Ellie had a new camera for Christmas) and then head down to the Glass House to have a hot chocolate or lunch. Definitely going to miss the icecream sundaes on the pier in the summer. St Andrews beach will also be missed as one of the best places to play rugby. Yes I hear you John I need to improve my catching skills! Fergus will miss the doggy communication with all the pooches running in and out of the waves. I know we will have Westonburt but nothing is the same without the sound of the waves and sand underfoot. It always manages to relax me, clear my mind but most importantly wear the kids out!

John and Euan on the Dunes at St Andrews.

I think we are all looking forward to finally be back together as a family but this home has provided us with a very happy existence over the past three years. The ability to just walk out the door into the countryside will also be sorely missed. Friends I will really miss you all, our drinking nights, cinema nights with Eileen and our coffee mornings at Abernyte Antique Shop will leave a vacant hole but I am sure I shall get one with things at the new place.

I started a scrap booking course with Big Picture Scrap booking that John gave me for Christmas. It is a year long course called a Year to Remember with Heidi Swapp as the instructor. It has been great to get me sitting down at my desk to scrapbook rather than just thinking about it. The brief for January was to pick a goal that I could achieve in 2007 and to scrapbook it and five reasons why it was important to me. I have picked to get my Christmas stock done by August - yes those who know me well can stop rolling around on the floor now, how many years have I been saying this? but it really is something that I need to get a grip on and start to get organised so I don't get so stressed so close to Christmas (for my sake and the families!). Hopefully a few months after the move when everything has settled down I can get into a routine of getting things done. Maddie will not be going to nursery in the mornings when we move because it is all privatised down there, she will start 1/2 day school though in September and then go full time in the term that she is 5. I cannot believe that she is already so big. I have made a steady income this year and I will miss the client base that I have managed to build up over the past few years but needs must and I will have to start again. I have just uploaded Flickr to my blog so I can start to slowly add all my pictures of stock and commissions. It will have to be done slowly as you are only allowed a certain limit to stay within the free limit on the account. Hopefully this will allow people to see what I have been up to and allow them to order direct by email if there is something they see they would like. Make sense - apologies if is doesn't my brain is fried!

Well as usual two posts in one day hopefully it wont be as long before the next one, I shall try and make an effect to update more regularly. Love to all Hx

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