Monday, January 29, 2007

Moving House -Dislikes
What do I hate about moving house the most? oven cleaning, oh I absolutely hate that job. I managed to gas everyone out the house tonight while using ammonia to clear the inside of the oven. It did manage to clear that big old ugly stain at the bottom of the stove which was good but my poor eyes and throat are now paying for it. Each time we move I swear I will get oven-nu in to clean but can never swallow the cost involved. Still job done except the shelves which are outside steeping in the bin bags with my ammonia cloth. Tomorrow the packers arrive to start the mammoth task of packing all our bits and pieces up. I still need to make sure I have enough clothes, shoes et cetera to do us and the children for the next few days of school and travel. I am sure there must be a better way of doing this but not much longer and it will all be over for move no 18 of my life.
I tried to make caramel shortbread today to give the teachers a treat to say thank you for all their time and energy over the last year, but as usual when you try to rush something it didn't work. I have never had a problem with my caramel before but today when I am trying to make four trays would it go right - grainy caramel and no amount of heating and stirring would clear it. Give up it is to difficult they will just have to have a box of chocolates instead!
I am still waiting on my scrap booking parcel coming from the States for my course. It should have been here over a week ago but as usual in a hurry no show. I haven't had any chance to catch up on my assignments either as my work room is now totally empty. Wow what a lot of stuff I managed to cram in there.
Miss Ellie has picked her fabric for her room. She has gone for Flutter by flower from the Liberty range at Osborne and Little. She also wanted the voile net to hang down by her bed, so cute I couldn't resist, now just need to sew those too!! That is me up to six pairs of curtains to sew at the moment.
I had a fabulous weekend, on Friday my friends from the nursery all came out for Dinner at the Strathmore Arms in Glamis. We had a lovely dinner with lots of laughter, rude talk and fun. I tried to teach them how to eat their desert Korean Rule style but only two out of nine would attempt it, the others looked on in horror!! Would I let my children behave like this, NO but hey I don't get out often! They all clubbed together and gave me a beautiful necklace and bracelet (thank you Leslie for choosing it) which was so thoughtful of them. I am really going to miss their caring thoughts, laughter and company, especially you Eileen you get where I am coming from!!
On Friday afternoon when picking the children up from school Michelle gave me a lovely picture frame and beautiful card to say goodbye which was totally unexpected. Thank you.
Saturday was spent clearing the garage which was great (not that it is a task I like but one that needed doing desperately). We managed to get rid of two tables and a bulk load of wood we didn't need to Eileen and Adam -thank you again you saved us several trips to the dump! We did however managed one massive trip to the tip with an assortment of stairgates, wood and sundries. Sunday we took our last walk in the woods with the children and dog. Maddie pronounced "you have a baby in your tummy Mummy" - ok J and I now look worried at this point. "No Sweetheart I don't" "Yes you do Mummy" and off she trotted. J I love you but I would kill you no more children please. John by the way looked equally horrified.
Today was spent trying to make the ill fated caramel shortbread and visiting a friend for lunch at Dairsie Manse. Biz and Guy have the most spectacular house in Dairsie which they are in the process of doing up. It has a beautiful walled garden which will look amazing in years to come when they have restored it. They also have outbuildings which I would die for. The best bit though for me had nothing to do with the house but all the spring bulbs which were popping their heads above the ground. The snow drops where just stunning. Another sad goodbye at the end of the day to Hilary and Biz, will miss you lots but hope to catch up soon. Helen and Chris popped by to pick up the tumble dryer and very kindly brought us a Fisher and Donaldson carrot cake, YUMMMMMMMMMMMMYYYYYYYY you really know how to grab a friends heart! Totally delicious but now I feel sick as a had another piece after dinner. We hope to see you both again soon, you just know that you will end up down by us next year. The house next door is really rather lovely!!
Well I think the fumes have died down now so I shall shut the window down and head to bed as I am knackered. Love and wishes to all Stay safex

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