Thursday, April 19, 2007

Yes sorry folks it has been a while again since I have blogged. I seem to have my wheels spinning but not getting anywhere just recently. We had a lovely Easter the weather down here is absolutely gorgeous Euan is already turning a nice brown and I have a watch strap mark already!! The Easter bunny managed to find us in our new house which the children were relieved about. How will they find us they asked? The Easter bunny knows where all the children are said Mummy. "Is the Easter Bunny male or female?" Ellie asked?? Answers by return please couldn't answer that one. Gut instinct tells me female but then the mess they leave behing could indictate male!!

We put our Easter Tree up as usual but I had to use Hawthorn branches this year as I couldn't find any other ones that were sturdy enough. Rather prickly unfortunately and the beautiful blossom did keep dropping all over the table! I would also recommend a very large based pot as I started with a vase first and we had rather a lot of tipping accidents.

We popped over to Granny and Grandads on Easter Day and Mummy used the opportunity to pinch a few more plants from Granny's borders to stock up her front garden. I have spend the week digging over my front and have now managed to plant it up with mainly blousey cottage plants which should hopefully fill the area. The path is flanked by lavender plants again as I felt this worked really well in the last house. I have also bought a Prunus Tree which was a must really since this is Prunus Cottage. It had the most beautiful blossom on it last week. I will post some photos of it once I get chance.

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