Thursday, January 31, 2008

Another week has gone by and I am not sure what I have done with it!
I have been busy with the sewing machine. I have made a few more pear doorstops as below, I have also finally got around to making a roman blind for my work room. It had got to the point where I couldn't work in my room at night because everyone would say they watched me through the window - hmmm not nice! Now I have a wonderful blind I can drop down and create in peace. I also have a cushion sewn with denim and red, it was the first time i had made my own binding and attached it. I was quite pleased with the results. I will post pictures once J brings his laptop home so I can download them. I finished a little scalloped edge bag for Maddie's room and a scallop edged carrier bag holder for the kitchen. Red and White bunting with hearts on for my etsy shop which I hope to update this weekend.

A Bob the Builder and JCB peghook which were both orders.
Today should be a day where I get on and design some new images. I have had robots on my mind for a while and feel the moment has come where I should develop it a bit further. I find there is always lots of things for girls but very little for boys.

The last picture is of my sweet little one Maddie. Last week J called me upstairs to come and look at something, I had just sat down with a cup of tea after a long day and really didn't want to get up again. "is it important" I asked " you don't want to miss this" he said. I trundled upstairs mumbling under my breath to look into Maddie's room. At first all I saw was her legs hanging out of the bed as usual, not much to see there but then J said look at her head, yep she was fast asleep with the ear defenders on. We got these ear defenders for the girls at firework time as they don't like the loud bangs. So sweet I couldn't stop laughing. The wind was particulary bad that night and she doesn't like the sound it makes around her room so obvious solution block it out! This picture has definitely made it onto a scrapbook page.
Right I had better go and do something before I get sucked into the void of blog land. Hope you are all having better weather than us today, take care H. x

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