Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Another week has whizzed by and I forgot to blog again! sorry. Nothing much has been happening her past the usual madness. We have been baking up a storm in the form of cupcakes, sunflower seed rolls and flap jack. God help my figure there is no hope!

Miss Ellie enjoying some cake madness.
my boy is back to the rugby again (I cheated this was actually taken before christmas at an away game in Marlborough) The washing of the kit has been a nightmare the last few weeks, I am not sure where the mud stops and the boy starts!

My other beautiful boy who is going so grey around the eyes now. I cannot believe he is going to be ten this year. We have had some good walks the last few days as I am car less. A long and negative story (not don't worry no accidents just annoying husbands and mechanics).

We did however have a lovely but very fleeting visit from Maddie's Godmother, Auntie Di. We hope to see you again soon my love and for longer.

and then there is the little one who causes holy terror in the house, no i don't mean John :)

I have had a buzy week at the sewing machine finishing things off for orders and getting some bits sewn to take to show Mary Howard when we have our meeting this Saturday.

School tomorrow and another hand sewing lesson for my poor students. I hope to get a few more sewing bits and pieces done this week as well, however a trip to Cribbs Causeway on Thursday might throw a spanner in the works ;) Does anyone know where I can get thick fleece from?

Right Leslie I am going to call you now before I forget.

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