Friday, January 11, 2008

Little bath Pixies

Fantastic Holidays and New Years Resolutions

I must have composed a million blog posts in my head but just never made it to the computer. We have had a fabulous Christmas, the kids were thoroughly spoilt by Santa and so was Mummy. I received a new Canon 400D slr which I totally love. Still trying to get to grips with all of the gadgets on it but hey it is fun playing. John had a new xbox 360 which meant that I didn't see much of him and Euan! Maddie has been busy with her pink (yes pink!) digi camera and Ellie has started her teenage years early by holing herself up in her room with her new IPOD at full blast. Euan's room now looks like a Lego shop which started at 3:10am on Christmas morning :(

We had a relatively quiet but well needed down time over the holidays with the odd trip out here and there but nothing manic.

Mum and I have officially gone into business now and are hoping to do the Mary Howard Show in Hullavington this year. We had wanted to do Country Living but to be honest the cost just to get there was beyond us this year. As you can see I have updated the Etsy shop with a few bits and pieces for Easter and valentines, hopefully there will be some more in the coming weeks. If you are in the UK and want to purchase anything let me know by email and I can arrange a cheaper postage deal without being in US dollars.

As for New Years resolutions, well it is very quiet in my house now as Maddie started full time which means that I need to get by butt in to gear and start making things. I am hoping to try and keep my making day to school hours and then spend some time in the evenings for me. We shall see if this works but that is the plan for now.
One of my new years resolutions is that when the kids get home from school I want to spend some time with them, not just doing homework but putting that extra little bit of effort in to do something one on one. Monday was story time,Tuesday we made cupcakes. Did you like that Ellie?

I think that is a yes!

Euan concentrating on how many sprinkles he can get on one cake,
Maddie well, yes the usual she was just eating the icing!

We have also been trying to spend some more quality time together as a family. This usually entails Fergus and Westonbirt or some other muddy location.

followed by nothing better than a hot chocolate of course.

some of the shop updates for you to peruse.

valentines felted eggs
romantic tin vessels

pretty peg hooks

heart felt angels

cheeky chicks

Prancing cockerels

coloured eggs

Wednesday was spent playing the Peter Rabbit game with a lesson for Euan in not winning ;) mum enjoyed that one(not much). Thursday Euan went to play at a friends and Maddie had here friend Molly around. They decided they wanted to make some more cupcakes which was fine by me. Tonight we shall see Euan has asked to watch a movie, which to be honest wasn't quite what I had in mind but they are all tired after their first week back and I am out with the girls tonight to celebrate Vanessa's birthday. Daddy is home early to which will be nice as he has been in London today.

Another resolution was to stay up to date with my scrap booking. I say up to date but I really mean starting from now. I managed to do over 25 layouts over Christmas and loved it. Not all of them are stunners but I feel so much better for playing. I made a promise that I would scrapbook at least three pages a month or scrapbook my photos as I take them this year so I don't miss life. I have been trying to go back and make up the children's albums but I feel so sad that I have totally forgotten so much about their baby years. It really hit home that I only have these children for a short time before they will be out till all hours or moving to university.

Weight will forever be on my resolution list but not sure if time will allow this year again. If we do get a slot at Mary Howard I think it will be all hours at the desk working. J was planning on climbing Mt Kenya this year but that doesn't look likely with the current political environment, so he has turned his attention to Ben Nevis with Euan in the late summer.

Not much else to report, hopefully I can pop in here at least once a week to try and update. Happy Belated New Year to all!

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