Wednesday, May 28, 2008

An Upsetting Day
Today was meant to be a good day. I had a friend visiting with her new little baby girl that I was yet to see. We had plans for lunch and to let the children play together, she also has a three year old. I saw her pull up outside my house waiting for traffic to clear before she pulled in and then bang, a Travis Perkins lorry with a trailer and digger ploughed into the back of her. Oooh my heart was in my mouth, I rushed outside and thankfully apart from being incredibly shock up they seemed to be all ok. Poor Alicia was in such shock and worry for her little ones. My mind raced back to five years ago when it was me in the car with two of my precious babies and my accident. The ambulance took her off to hospital to get checked out as her back and neck were showing signs of damage. My fingers are crossed for her that she is ok and that the little ones don't suffer to many nightmares about what has happened. Bless him Dillon was very angry with the silly man for breaking his Daddies new car. I remember Euan being upset when the tow truck guy took away my car, I guess it is their release, their way of dealing with the shock.

So on a happier note I did manage to give her the presents that I had made for little Thea and for Dillon.

This is is the first time I have used my thread to actually draw an image on a bag. I have done this numerous times on my scrapbook layouts and cards but always fussed to much about loose edges that can fray before. I thought sod it and gave it a go, I am pretty pleased with the results. I had difficulty controlling the speed of the machine unfortunately so the thread patterns aren't as smooth as I would like but not bad for my first attempt. Next time I think I might just sew with the feed dogs down and free machine stitch. I would like to do some bags for Maddie' room like this.

I made a matching card to go with bag simply out of paper and a pen.

This is the present for Dillon, I had seen pencil rolls on a site somewhere on Flickr and loved them. I thought they would make fantastic gifts for little ones.

I have made several of these and they are in my etsy shop at the moment. Below is the one for Dillon.

This afternoon I decided to have a quiet one, even I felt a bit shaken up and I wasn't involved. I allowed the kids to have a play on the x box and settled down for a bit of inspirational surfing. Ellie came in an hour later crying and saying sorry. "Why are you sorry Ellie?" "well I was pulling on the curtains and they broke" right said Mum lets have a look shall we, thinking that they probably had only come off their hooks. No Ellie had pulled the whole rail out of the wall ripping a she load of plaster with it *%">*. GREAT aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh I could have killed her. I spent Monday filling in all the cracks and putting up things that were bugging me, I didn't want to have to start this again, especially with such a big bloody hole. Oh the joys of children.

So I am hoping for a quiet night but quite frankly I would love to just go to sleep now. Ellie is meant to be going for her first "friend" sleepover but I was oh so close to saying no. She has lost her ipod, favourite pillow and toy for the week along with her pocket money. When I asked why she was hanging off the curtains, she just responded she thought they would come down. Well yes they did love and was it the effect you desired? no Mummy. What did she expect? Oh deep joy.

A few other photos from this month. We had a go cart party for Euan which was a huge success. Sorry if I haven't sent out thank yous to all of you yet. Euan and I made and iced his requested cake which was R2D2 this year. Note to self, as much as I love this "work with the children idea" not on birthday cakes again it was so stressful ;)

I am in the process of designing invites and party bags for Maddie's this year. We are going to be having a cookie decorating party and the theme is Scottie Dogs, all in white, brown and orange. I have the invites done and just need to decide what to put in the bags and make the name tags. Then I will need to get baking cookies. I think I have 12 coming so I am not sure how many cookies I will need to make. Anyone got a good receipe?

This is a sneek peek of something the kids and I did at Westonbirt yesterday. It is for Father's Day so I shall reveal more once Daddy has got his surprise.

The weather is lousy again today and tomorrow I am meant to be helping Mum with her pebble mosaic in the garden. Not sure we will be able to attempt it if this rain continues. Friday we are off to a friends for lunch and then we are back to the weekend again. I am not sure where our time is going. I hope to pop back here later this week and show you some more bits and pieces I have been up to but for now I am signing off and taking Ellie to her sleepover against my better judgement.

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Stephanie said...

My goodness, you've been busy! Great cake and Happy Bday Euan!