Monday, March 24, 2008

A busy month for the tooth fairy ...........
It looks like it could be a busy month for the tooth fairy in this house. Euan came home from school on Thursday and started to wobble his tooth. Within a few minutes he said he could bend it backwards, look Mum I can turn it around, ah Mum it has come out! His other front tooth is also wobbly, going to have to scrapbook this I think. Ellie sat at dinner that night and was complaining about having a sore tooth, she had bumped it the other day so I just nodded and said not to worry it would just take a bit of time to heal. Dinner continues and so does Ellies moaning. I asked J to have a look to see if he could see anything and bless her both her second set of large front teeth have already broken through the gums behind her baby teeth which still haven't dropped out. Ouch my poor baby I felt so bad. The baby ones are wobbly so I am not sure what to do? I think a phone call to the dentist to sort this one out. Molly, Ellie and Maddie modelling their hand made easter bonnets.
On Saturday we had an easter egg hunt at the house for some friends and their children. Well 21 children to be correct! We were slightly worried in the morning when it started to snow like crazy that we would have an interesting time finding eggs in the snow drifts. Friday was spent baking, much to Ellie's enjoyment (she really just likes licking the bowl I think). We made crispy cakes, mars bar cakes, caramel shortbread, cupcakes, chocolate triangles and pecan cups.
The annual easter tree was erected and decorations hung. Every year I swear I am going to get a proper tree I can bring out instead of searching the hedgerows for suitable branches.
Easter Sunday we awoke to find the easter bunny had paid us a visit much to the childrens excitement. Messy bunny mind you I had to get the hoover out after the kids had been down, his footprints had gone everywhere! Sunday was spent in slobby bliss. I didn't get out of my Pj's until noon as I was finishing off the book "The Kite Runner" which I thought was excellent, I definitely want to see the film now. The afternoon was spent painting up some christmas ornament prototypes which turned out really rather well. All in all a great day.

Today we had a lazy morning and then popped over to my parents for the afternoon and dinner. The kids had a blast trying to fly planes in the garden and then enjoying home made plum crumble YUM for dessert.

Freaky weather, that is not snow it is hail stones which have accumalated in just a few seconds.

more cushion sewing using the Bridgewater tea towels. Two cushions this time, front
and back and
a little heart with the spare fabric.

Well that sums up my time since Thursday, I hope you all had a lovely easter, we certainly did.

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