Thursday, February 05, 2009

Scrapbooking and furniture

Over the last month I am slowly making in roads in getting caught up with things. Well I say caught up but really I mean actually just starting to attempt to catch up. Scrapbooking is one of the things i really enjoy but unfortunately it is one of those that always takes a back burner when life gets busy. I have recently been trying to get the kids 2008 albums up to date. Euan's is the first to be completed, I only have December and this January to go and 2008 is all done. I have printed Maddie's pictures and Ellie's are picked just not printed! A few layouts below that were completed last month.

Hill Walking with J

New Teeth

One of my favourite pictures of last year these were taken at Slimbridge Wildfowl Trust in their Wellyboot Land, it was such a gorgeous day.

Euan's Birthday and his go carting party.

A very tired looking Mum and Euan

A night of Bat Watching with a bit of Deer spotting at the local farm.
School Play

I finally persuaded John that I needed a bookcase in what was meant to be the snug. Um Yes sorry love I have finally taken it over as my workroom :) Fantastic Ikea but boy can it hold some stuff. I have moved all my craft books out of the Livingroom bookcase now and have a place to put all my scrapbooks. I spent the day a few weekends ago, building the bookcase and clearing the room. Walls were retouched, skirtings washed and three bags sent to the rubbish. Gosh it felt good. I had a real purge to see what I had and what I really didn't need. I would still like to get rid of the basket on the floor but it holds all my wrapping paper, bags and puffy envelopes et cetera.

I can finally see my desk! Still a few boxes stacked underneath but I am working on them. I will take a photo of the computer area soon, I have put a few shelves up there now. What I want to do now is start to bring out and make some crafty bits to put into the space. I still have a mosaic that I started when I was pregnant with Maddie and have yet to finish. Poor John you don't stand a chance.

Right I am going to head back to bed. Not sleeping well at the moment. I think the kids might have a snow day off school today. As I type the snowplow is passing by and it is still snowing YEAHHHHH!!!!

Love to all Hx

Just before I go a before and after picture of Ellie's desk that I picked up from a friend for £20. It is very red but I love it and so does Ellie which is great. I just need to sort out a chair for her now and she will have somewhere to sit and draw.

work in progress

It looked really nice and clear but then Ellie got home and added her bits and pieces, she is definitely the queen of tat!

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