Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Bedroom Makeover

Can't you always tell it is about time to move house when I am just about finished decorating all the rooms? I only have the hall left in this house and I have been through and decorated each room at least once!

Last week was spent making new pillow covers for my bed. I decorated the room with the help of a friend back at the beginning of September but hadn't really moved on from there. John wasn't sure about the grey on the walls when I did a test patch, I believe his quote was "it looks like the F...ing inside of a tank" to be precise. I knew that it would be really quite warm and restful and I should really learn not to put colours up on the wall and expect him to understand what I want to do with them! Still bless him he said I could go ahead but if he hated it I would have to repaint. Umm yes okay love :) The colour is a Little Green paint which I absolutely love to use on the walls as it covers really well and doesn't drip everywhere.

Next I repainted my £15 cupboard find which we have had since Leeming. If you remember it was once a really warm cream colour with a toffee coloured fabric behind the wire. Not to self next time remove wire to begin with before trying to repaint with satin finish as I got myself into a big mess. The fabric behind the wire is a Cath Kidston print, I think it is called faded rose or something like that. I also put up to metal hook racks to hang all my jewellry on as I was getting fed up of tangled necklaces.

Curtains were next.Well about five months later. I painted the pine curtain pole white which was a bitch of a job. The curtains are made out of a Cath Kidston duvet cover and some brushed heavier weight white cotton. I have interlined them as our bedroom is north facing and gets quite cold. In theory the curtains are great but unfortunately Fergus's favourite spot is to lie up against them and the radiator. My lovely white curtains now have a ginger fuzz all across the bottom!

Fed up with digging around in drawers and bags for makeup and cream, I found a lovely grey wire cake stand in a local shop I love, Old Mother Hubbard in Nailsworth. Although everything is on display and some might think it messy, I absolutely love it as everything is to hand instantly.

I plan to put a picture wall up behind the bed head of black and white pictures. I have been slowly collecting frames and I just need to get around to picking or taking pictures to go in them.

Grey Spot Pillow made of wool and the white brushed cotton of the curtains.

Cath Kidston print pillow with pink pearl buttons.

Pink Fleece Spot cushion rejigged from a blanket from Asda Home.

Patchwork Pillow from a mix of all the above fabrics.

Small heart pillow from the white brushed cotton and the grey wool fabric.
I still have a rocking chair I wish to repaint white to go in the bedroom. I have made two other pillows out of a fushia pink fleece and also left over grey spot from the duvet.

I would love to get built in wardrobes in this room along with new bedside tables. The MFI furniture we bought when we moved in was a really bad buy.
So there you have it. I have been active the last month. I have rejigged my office which I will show you soon and I have also been doing a lot of scrapbooking and other sewing.
Hope all are well that read this and I shall TRY to update again soon.

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