Monday, February 23, 2009


WARNING this post is photo heavy and off a scrapbook nature so look away if you are not into paper!

Firstly we had lots of fun the other week when the kids had a few days of school because of the lovely white stuff. We headed out into the field opposite with some friends to build ourselves a snowman. Well anatomically speaking it was a snow woman with perfectly formed bosoms. It brought a smile to lots of peoples faces as they drove by and realised it was slightly more special than the usual snowman at the side of the road.

Unfortunately it doesn't seem to be the same for all people. We went to bed with an intact snowlady only to wake up to find it completely smashed up. Our lady had been assaulted! Ah I keep forgetting I am no longer living on an Airbase but a small sometimes small minded village. It would seem our lady caused offense! Well nothing new here then, me causing a rucas in the village again :)

Last week Ness and I got together to make some cakes for her boys 6th birthday and for J's 30 something birthday. The boys were having an outdoor forest party and for J a rugby ball was called for. I did contemplate putting English colours on it but thought my marriage might not survive if I did!

I have decided that I might start doing cakes for local people if requested. A lot of people ask me if I make them and I usually decline but I could desperately do with making a bit of dosh at the moment as the marketing is rather quiet and difficult. I am in the process of looking into food hygiene and see where that takes me. So if you are in the Wiltshire area and would like a novel birthday cake give me a call!

Next up is cookery club. Three girls and myself started this last month. We get together once a month to cook together. The idea is that we take turns in picking recipes we would like to do - are scared of doing! and then cook them together. This month is was noodles for starters and then lemon curd sponge puddings for desert. I forgot to take a picture of the pudding but they were both fantastic dishes. In March we have a pasta dish on the menu with possibly Key Lime Pie for desert. Anyone have a good recipe for either?

Felt Hearts was also in order the other night in front of the tv. I have been wanting to make one of these for a while now but just never seemed to get the time. Sod it I thought the other night and got out my mess and started creating. I was rather pleased with the result so made another to give to a friend as a thank you as she had given me a rather nice cupcake book.

Well that is about it for the news front. Here follows the scrapbook weight. I have still been trying to get caught up with the girls 2008 books. Only around another 40 pictures to go :0

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