Friday, June 12, 2009

A little bit of manipulation
and no that doesn't mean me manipulating J! I actually mean digital enhancement :) John helping with the shelter building at Euan's 9th birthday.
I have been having some fun on the computer tonight in otherwords wasting time farting about. I have found this great site on one of my favourite blogs. Link to and you can upload your photos and play about with all sorts of actions. I am a real newcomer to all this digital enhancing game. I had my first lesson on photoshop a few weeks back and I think I could be hooked! This is definitely a quick and easy way to sharpen up your photos without having to know what you are doing. The peonie above is the same picture as the post below but wow what a difference. J had a 60's effect added to his and I quite like the outcome. He will be home from Washington tomorrow which will be nice, as long as he isn't grumpy and jet lagged! Right my neck is pulling and I feel absolutely knackered so I think for once I might listen to my body and head off to bed.

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