Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Forgot to post a picture of the party bags. I had Maddie draw a teddy bear for me so that I could scan and print the tags out for the bags. She did a wonderful picture complete with party hat. I used publisher to change the colour and re size and then stamped the names in the turquoise to match the ribbon on the sweet boxes. They turned out simple but cute.

I have been trying to make all my birthday presents this year, or at least all the ones for the kids parties that mine get invited to. It was getting ridiculously expensive with 3 or 4 parties each month. I seem to have stuck on the theme of pen rolls which I try to match to said birthday girl or boys taste. The above roll was for a friend of Ellie's who liked lions and I loved the result.

Spiderman for the boys of course.

Tractor for a friend of Maddie's. Boy did this bring back the memories of Euan and his love of tractors!

Another lion and this time I wrapped the tail around to come inside the pencil case.

Batman as a commission for a friend.

Pretty flowers for another of Maddie's friends

and a little butterfly bag which I added a butterfly notebook and pen from Tescos to.

and before I forget, the picture from Saturday night's Ball. We do scrub up okay occasionally. Right today has to be a garden day. The Lavender is getting to long again, you know you are upsetting the post lady when she leaves you a little note on your post asking you to cut the lavender back a bit! I haven't been in the garden out front for months and you can tell. There are rape plants growing, massive weeds and everything is looking rather unkept and messy.

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