Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Well I am sure you are all as sick of this weather as we are. At least my boy enjoys his walks in the rain. I find it so comical when I see him jumping through the fields. The summer holidays have started and so far, cross my fingers they are going well. We have had trips to build a bear, play dates with friends, swimming trips and play at home days. Today we have had a friend's twins for the day and after a very wet but fun walk over the fields, we have had a quiet afternoon watching Bedtime Stories. The boys were desperate to get on the x box which worked nicely to bribe them with when it came to tidying Euan's room up. I am suffering from another head cold (isn't it always the same when you stop!) but am holding on to the hope that it wont affect my surgery scheduled for next week. Right I shall head off and dig out the pizza from the freezer for tea and then I might allow myself some time to surf the net.

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