Monday, March 05, 2007

Okay so I am hopeless
Yes I know I am a hopeless blogger, I do have one excuse the first two weeks after the move we weren't on the phone or online. We had an absolute nightmare with BT trying to get the line connected. The first day it was supposed to be connected nothing happened, I rang and asked them what was going on and they said they would ring me back on my home number when they knew what the problem was, OK BT step one if I didn't have a fault and my phone was usuable would I be ringing you? Next day an engineer called but couldn't fix the fault because it was underground and he didn't go underground! Day three engineer two, no the fault isn't underground but up the lamp post over the road and he wasn't allowed to go up the lamp post?!! Day four, engineer three and four together, sorry love the fault is underground and we can't do that because we will need to get some traffic lights to look in the box. Alright I have had enough, use your initiative you have two vans, park one either side of the box with your hazards on and I will go and make you a cup of tea, if you manage to fix the fault I will even give you a chocolate biscuit. Amazingly we were connected in half an hour, never say the great british workers tea break isn't effective bargaining tool!!
Well we have just about settled in the rooms are slowly starting to come together but we are rather squashed in, boy do we miss the space of our last home. Storage more than anything is a problem. I have just about finished painting the children's rooms. Miss Maddie is pink (surprise surprise) Ellie is lavender blossom, lilac to me purple to John and Euan is Eau de Nil or green. We got him a cool duvet set in JOhn Lewis (yes I have been shopping!!!) which has planes, scooters and cars on in a combat style colour. We have painted him a massive target on the wall above his bed and are in the process of putting up a pinboard and magnetic board for all his bits and pieces in a bid to stop him using blue tack which usually gets stuck in my carpet. I will post pictures once I get chance to empty the camera.
Everyone in the village seems to be fairly friendly which is nice. I have been invited to a book club which is great, Sarah don't laugh! I am already on book three in two weeks so I have been productive just not in the right areas!! I have also been asked to join Friends of Crudwell School which is the board that does the fund raising for the village school. Could be a bad move we will see. I don't want to get to involved as I really need to start getting on with some work.
The kids seem to have settled in well after a few hiccups to begin with. The schooling system is very different here than in Scotland. Euan was in the year directly above Ellie in Scotland but here there is a year between them which was a bit confusing. Ellie as usual was doing fine but Euan was struggling with everything. Speaking to his teacher they reckon he is two months or so behind so we have some extra work to do with him. I did suggest putting him back a year but they don't think that is necessary. We shall see. Miss Maddie started Pre school last week and loves it. She goes for five sessions as in Scotland but because they are only open three days a week she goes two full days and one half day which is fantastic. It gives me a longer stab at things at home. She will start school in September which is so odd because she would have had another year in nursery at Angus. She seems so little to be starting school but I am sure she will do just fine.
Fergus seems to have settled in well to the new house, I was worried because there isn't really anywhere for him to look out onto the front of the house but he seems OK. We have a walk directly opposite which is great and it takes you nearly round the village on one side.
Not surprisingly I haven't done any work yet, I will promise Hilary! I am hoping to get the rest of the curtains finished in the next few weeks and then paint the living room as we already have the paint for there. After that it will be as and when we can afford it.
Love to all and we miss you all in Scotland, especially me and all the girls. Will hopefully post with some photos soon.

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