Monday, March 12, 2007

New Hair Cut and Shoes
What more could a girl ask for? Yes I finally went and got the hair chopped a little bit today and feel alot better if not poorer (if that is a word?) I also managed to get myself not one but two pairs of shoes. I have been having problems with very sore heals now for a while and have worked out the that the black higher heeled shoes are doing in the outside muscle of my feet and the slip ons are damaging the muscles under my foot as I am scrunching up my toes to keep them on. With a trip to London to wander around the Country Living Fair on Friday I couldn't possible make the 5 hour shopping marathon with the current shoe state. So I now own a pair of lime green shoes and a pair of very comfy slip on trainer, sport shoe. I also managed to get a few bits and pieces for the kids for easter. The girls have got these great felt flower pots in a range of colours to put on their window sill to brighten things up. Yes John just shock his head. I got Euan some more Lego as he loves it and then I picked up a present for Al and Niki who have just given birth to a little baby boy called Kyle.
All in all not a bad day!
Tomorrow I have had my arm twisted to go to Laura Ashley with a girl from preschool gosh it hurt ;) I have some vouchers to use up so as long as I am controlled I shouldn't get in much trouble!! Me controlled yeah well the thought was there. The kids had their parent teacher evening tonight. Miss Ellie is getting on really well she just has a few gaps in her word construction. Euan is doing well in maths and reading but his writing is a different matter. Apparently he is a reluctant writer?*! The teacher thinks he will catch up but he is a long way behind at the moment. I am not sure how I feel about this. Part of me would like to see him go back and repeat the year as the Scottish and English systems are so different, however the other part of me says he will get on fine. I don't like to think of him struggling with things when I know he can get on fine as long as he is given the right instruction. I can't believe that we live in the same country and our teaching systems can be so different. Oh well I am sure it will all work out.
Well I had best go to bed I suppose. My husband went up ages ago so I am sure he will be snoring away by now. I have finished Maddie's very pink shelf I made on Sunday so just need to put it up now. Ellie's bed canopy is pinned but not sewn. Tomorrow I need to clean the house and do these drawings for the Village Ball as well as shop. I used to be quite good at getting things done in the evening but these days I just seem to be so tired.
Sleep tight don't let the bed bugs bite!

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