Friday, March 09, 2007

On Wednesday Maddie's nursery had a visit to a local farm where they some lambs were being born. When we got there we saw some absolutely gorgeous ones who were only a hour or so old. Maddie had a wonderful time looking around and cuddling them all, she also

bottle feed them which she particularly liked and

hand feed them for a while until one bit her finger bless her. She hasn't quite got the knack of keeping her fingers straight yet! but I must say who can resist the little cuties. These are apparantly Texel sheep which are raised for the meat and boy were they stocky little things with wide backs. The pregnant mums looked like they were two sheep stuck together. Maddie is definitely enjoying her nursery and has made a few new friends. She is going to play with her friend Molly next week which is really nice. I often feel Maddie misses out because she just picks up the older twos friends but with being at nursery on her own she has a chance to make her own mark. Apparently this year is going to be a big intake at the School so hopefully she will have a lot of companionship.

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