Sunday, March 16, 2008

CD Mukoksy Class with Chepstow Pink ScrappersThe week before last I went over the bridge again to Chepstow to take a class with CD Mukosky courtesy of Chepstow Pink Scrappers. Lousie, Pam and all the comittee are great at organising high profile people in the Scrap book industry to come and teach at Chepstow. We completed an album titled Angels. You had to take along 10 pictures of people that you consider to be angels in you life and some journaling to add. I haven't taken pictures of mine yet even thought I did manage to finish it the following day, miracle of miracles for me! I need J to bring home his laptop so I can download from my camera.
It was a brilliant evening as usual with all the familiar faces who are always so friendly.

Mini Swap Goodness

Last month we signed up to a Mini Swap through Mommy Coddle's blog and we were partnered with The Severson Family, Stephanie, Quinn, Claire, Tatum and their dog sam. My children were so excited about swapping with a family in the States. The parcel arrived and I was cruel to the girls because I made them wait until Euan cvame back from numeracy group so they could all open the parcel together.
We scored some fabulous goodies with knifty knitting looms, littlest pet shop, star wars, sweets and some fab books. I got some great american magazines and fabric.
Ellie's favourite with the Webkinz unicorn which hasn't been out of her grasped since it arrived (much to Maddie's annoyance she wants a go). I haven't seen these before, they have a code which you input in the computer and you can play games online with them.

Our package went out a little late due to my ill health and then the post office wanting to charge stupid amounts for one large box, apparently if I packaged it in four it would go a lot cheaper, which I did and saved myself £16. Must make sense to someone!
I forgot to take photos of what we put in the bags oops! Each of the children drew me a picture which I scanned and copied onto fabric paper and then made up a drawstring bag. Quinn had a dragon, with a book, sweets, lego kit and a welsh flag which is in the post seperately.
A hamster drawing by Maddie with a book, sweets, pen, magazine, littlest pet shop and hand made hamster.
Ellie drew a pony and this bag contained a book, magazine,pen, sweets, littlest pet shop and a handmade mouse and bed.

It was a lovely thing to take part in and I think next time I might put more emphasis on getting the kids to make some things.

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