Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Star Cushion Frenzy
I seem to definitely be in a red, white and blue phase at the moment. A few star cushions I made last week but hadn't got around to up loading. The two square cushions are 16 inches and the middle one is 40x60cm
Red Star Cushion
I am loving my new bias tape maker I cannot believe how much easier it is to make the tape without all the burnt fingers now!
back of Red Star cushion
long cushion with patchwork sides and the white star is stitched with red.

back detail

Blue Star cushion with patchwork background
Blue Star back.

This bunting is for a friend who is like me "a bridgewater pottery freak" well not freak but definitely an avid collector. Hilary wanted some bunting but since you cannot get bridgewater fabric YET (are you listening people you are missing a sales opportunity!) I used some tea towels to create my own.

Right show and tell over for tonight. Not much else to report except I did see the most beautiful barn owl hunting in the field opposite tonight. A neighbour mentioned she had seen him last week during the day and I had hoped he lives around here and will stay. I think I will need to pay more attention in the early morning and early evening. The kids were fascinated.

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